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Since its inception, the company has always been committed to PET packaging field.As the professional injection molding machine manufacturers, Hisson offer custom made pet bottle blow molding machine and

pet injection moulding machine according to customers' products requirement,e.g. servo motor energy saving, PLC control system, special screw and barrel, larger oil pump, water distributor etc.Please contact us.

Injection molding machines:

a. Except standard machine, Hisson offer custom made machine according to customers' products requirement, e.g. servo motor energy saving, PLC control system, special screw and barrel, larger oil pump, water distributor etc.

b. Hisson offer best suitable accessories with good brand from manufacturers which have long term cooperation with us, include loader, hopper dryer, dehumidifier, granulator and all other additional equipment.

c. Hisson provide molds design and making, all molds made in high quality, and cooperate with Hisson machine the best.

d. Specially in PET industry, Hisson has more than 20 years experience, we provide turnkey solution. PET preform injection need good know-how, Hisson provide Technic support, we can train customer's technicians, and it is possible to dispatch engineers for abroad service.

PET bottle blow molding machines:

a. Servo motor energy saving for different functions, include preform holders moving, mold open-close, stretching, customer can choose any one function or all. 

b. Also we provide high performance accessories with good brand and quality, include air compressor, air dryer, air filters, water chiller and others.

c. Hisson provide bottle designs and molds making.

d. 20 years experience in bottle blowing field ensure us to provide high quality equipment and technic support, learning in Hisson factory and service in customer plant are available.

Injection molding machines:

a. Hisson provide design of preforms, we can make molds according to customer preform samples exactly, also we can design reasonable preforms according to specific bottles.

b. Along with 20 years development, Hisson preform molds are with advanced and innovative design. We make preform molds up to 72-cavity, from narrow neck preforms to wide mouth jars.

c. Hisson possess complete tooling equipment, almost imported, like Japan Mazak, Taiwan KZFO, Taiwan PROTH.

d. PET material is sensitive, preform production need experienced technicians, Hisson provide training for customer technicians, also we can dispatch our engineers to customer country.


Sell like hot cakes product recommendations, good products, good market, quality security.Hisson Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is the pet injection molding machine & PET bottle blow molding machines manufacturer.
We provide bottle blowing production line.Our products include PET preform injection moulding machine, Servo injection molding machine, PET preform mold and PET blow moulding machine.Get price.

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Hisson Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is in Ningbo, a harbor city of eastern China, manufacturer of high-performance plastic injection molding machines and PET bottle blow molding machines.

Our injection molding machines from 96T to 1250T clamping force, are exporting to many countries include European countries, Australia, Middle East, Africa etc., now energy saving is popular, more than 60% of the machines we made are servo motor machines. 

In PET bottle field, we have abundant experience, we have special PET preform injection molding machine, semiauto and automatic PET bottle stretch blow molding machine, we have 2-cavity, 4-cavity and 6-cavity automatic PET bottle blow molding machines.



We will update the pet injection molding machine,plastic blow molding machine,pet preform mould news here.Want to know more? Get more info.

Africa is important market for Hisson, we have agents in several countries. We were in Nairobi,Kenya for 6th international plastics exhibition, we learned the real thoughts and demands from customers meeting in the exhibition.
PET 5 gallon bottle with handle blowing machine
Normally PET 5 gallon bottle is without handle, this is the limit of PET blowing technic. One Asia customer want to blow 5 gallon bottle with plastic handle in 2018 and they find us. Our company has the experience, and offered a best solution for this customer.
Complete production line in Africa
In May of 2017, one customer from Africa asked us to help establishing new production line, the demand is to produce PET bottles 500ml (18g), 1000ml (34g) and 1500ml(45g), required output 1600BPH for 1500ml bottle.


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