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Africa is important market for Hisson, we have agents in several countries. We were in Nairobi,Kenya for 6th international plastics exhibition, we learned the real thoughts and demands from customers meeting in the exhibition.
PET 5 gallon bottle with handle blowing machine
Normally PET 5 gallon bottle is without handle, this is the limit of PET blowing technic. One Asia customer want to blow 5 gallon bottle with plastic handle in 2018 and they find us. Our company has the experience, and offered a best solution for this customer.
Complete production line in Africa
In May of 2017, one customer from Africa asked us to help establishing new production line, the demand is to produce PET bottles 500ml (18g), 1000ml (34g) and 1500ml(45g), required output 1600BPH for 1500ml bottle.


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