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A few important geometrical parameters of vertical injection molding machine screw

by:Hisson     2020-07-15
Several important several parameters of vertical injection molding machine screw is who? Then we will introduce for you. The following content is of great help to you sister. 1, screw diameter ( D) A, related to the required injection quantity: injection volume = 1/4 * & PI; * D2 * S ( Injection stroke) * 0. 85; B, in general, screw diameter D and high injection pressure is inversely proportional to, is proportional to the plasticizing capability. 2, conveying section a, responsible for the plastic conveyor, pushing and preheating, should guarantee the preheated to the melting point; B, crystalline plastics should be long ( Such as POM, PA) Amorphous material times ( Such as: PS, PU, ABS) , heat-sensitive (shortest Such as: PVC) 。 3, compression section a, responsible for plastic mixing, compression and pressure exhaust, almost all through this period of raw materials has been melted, but not necessarily evenly mixed; B, in the region, plastic melt gradually, screw grough must be reduced, with corresponding plastic geometric volume to drop, otherwise false material pressure, heat transfer is slow, the venting is not good. C, generally accounted for more than 25% of the screw working length, but the nylon ( Crystalline material) Screw compression period accounted for about 15% of the screw working length, high viscosity, high fire resistance, low conductivity, additives, such as plastic screw, 40% & # 39; 50% screw working length, PVC screw can work accounted for 100% of the screw length, lest produce intense shear heat. 4, the metering section a, normally 20 & # 39; 25% length of screw work, ensure that all plastic melt and uniform temperature, mixing evenly; B, measuring long mixing effect is good, is too long, easy to melt thermal decomposition stay too long, too short, easy to make temperature is not uniform, C, PVC and other heat-sensitive plastic should not stay a long time, in order to avoid thermal decomposition, use short measurement period or don't metering section. 5, feed screw groove depth, a metering screw groove depth and feed screw groove depth, the greater throughput, but need to consider the screw strength, metering screw groove depth is shallow, the plasticizing fever, mixing performance index is higher, but the measuring screw groove depth is too shallow shear heat increase, authigenic heat increases, the temperature is too high, cause plastic discoloration or burnt, especially bad for heat-sensitive plastic; B = KD, metering screw groove depth = ( 0. 03 ' 0. 07) Choose small * D, D, K value
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