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About the injection molding machine commissioning after parking operating sequence

by:Hisson     2020-04-02
After more than 4 h of commissioning acceptance, can stop the trial production. Should stop check the abrasion of the major parts. Stop operating sequence is as follows. 1, change the way of operating as a manual control. 2, stop hopper feed. 3, injection seat back, leave mould sleeve mouth nozzle. 4, mould in the mould opening state. 5, the screw rotation speed slow. Anti-submarine plastic injection, a repeated many times, until no molten material flow nozzle delay. 6, cleaning barrel. On the basis of plasticizing of different raw materials, for the barrel of the cleanup. 7, to cut off the water supply, stop screw rotation motor work. 8, remove the nozzle and the screw. The barrel, screw and nozzle scrap free. Purge out the residual of the die material. To remove residual material, be careful to use copper knife, brush and shovel to clean up the sticky materials. Are not allowed to use steel tool to clear sticky material, so as to avoid scratch mould and screw of the working face. 9, check the screw, barrel and die of the working surface, see if any wear and scratches the trench. Find wear or scratch the trench, for example, should be to view, analyze the cause of the problem: very likely is low parts manufacturing precision or installation quality problem, or is the surface of the parts such as heat treatment hardness is not enough. Found this kind of phenomenon should be timely and equipment manufacturers. 10, if the main parts have not found what problem, after cleaning the parts should wear protective oil. Screw packages tied up and hanging in ventilated place. Normal injection molding machine injection molding machine factory factory, general won't appear the quality problem of the big. The use of equipment unit, the important is through the equipment acceptance test, well test data record, in case of equipment maintenance in the future when as reference in inspection. After the acceptance of injection molding machine commissioning, to test the relevant personnel should be in the test report to sign for the record. Equipment has been formally handed over production workshop use.
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