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About the injection molding machine idle running trial order

by:Hisson     2020-04-02
Injection molding machine idle running test sequence is as follows: 1, remove all the clutter around, check whether the lubrication parts have enough lubricant, check whether the fastening nut loose, security guard is rigid. 2, after everything is all right through to the main power switch. Set the operating mode to move or manual position. Switch 3, single-action hydraulic pump, check the pump rotation direction is correct. If correct, can officially start the oil pump motor work, in addition to open the valve of cooling water, cold water was carried out on the hydraulic oil cooling instead. 4, the oil pump running after work, adjust the overflow valve, observation of hydraulic oil pressure gauge instructions, need to stress to hydraulic oil. 5, close the door. Manual clamping, open mode, test a few times. Check the security work, whether action is reliable, the indicator can timely on the blaze. The control valve of the hydraulic system is agile, should be able to work properly. If the system pressure as a rating of 25%, each movement parts should not appear the crawling and jammed with obvious impact phenomenon. 6, the clamping test. Check the fixed template and two working plane parallel moving template, should comply with the rules of table 1. Table 1 mobile and fixed template two planar parallel tolerance/mm7, switch operation mode to adjust the position, check the action response is flexible, it is working correctly. 8, adjust the time relay and limit switch, check whether the action is sensitive and accurate. 9, the operating mode is changed to submachine gun control, again to switch the security operation, and check the equipment operation situation. 10 and operation mode to manual control, check whether the equipment operation normally. 11, checking their hydraulic system leak leakage of pipeline should comply with the regulations of table 2. Table 2 the provisions of the hydraulic system working oil leakage in 12, inspect the hydraulic oil temperature, the high must not more than 55 ℃. 13, injection molding machine work noise, if think it necessary to test the noise value must not exceed given in table 3. 14 and test emergency stop device is accurate and reliable. 15, test of hydraulic oil of oil shortage alarm, so high oil temperature alarm, lubricating oil shortage alarm, there's a foreign body in clamping lax alarm device, look to whether can alarm in time and accurately.
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