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About the injection molding machine injection device of injection molding machine debugging

by:Hisson     2020-12-12
About how the mode of the injection molding machine injection molding device, then by the injection molding machine factory to introduce you to the following five. ( 1) After mold closing, reduce voltage to control injection molding machines, make its mold gate set on the top of the nozzle can be. ( 2) Check the fitness of nozzle device for processing materials, if the smooth installation of nozzle flow channel can be smooth operation. ( 3) Adjust injection pressure, pressure of injection molding machine, injection pressure, rear pressure, pressure etc. The pressure of the parts. ( 4) Adjust injection molding machine screw metering stroke, and to look at limit switches and sensors sensitivity is reliable or not. ( 5) First let the plastic screw is running for a few seconds, listen to the injection molding machine to have noise, hopper mouth opening and closing plate switch can be opened.
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