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About the silicone injection molding machine electric control system

by:Hisson     2021-01-13
Silicone injection molding machine is usually handle full closed loop control system by microcomputer, the operator can according to the problems on the display screen or instructions to handle related operation. Silicone injection molding machine electrical control system includes: the keyboard input, screen display, system running, system test, signal feedback and correction, etc. Operators will be after the command input, silicone injection molding machine system will be in accordance with the relative instructions should be run, and microcomputer processing system will start to monitor running process and the actual data, if there are larger differences, should be timely correct processing. To ensure product quality at the same time ensure production precision to achieve rapid tuning machine. Over the past few years, the use of silicone injection molding machine has been more and more, need is the result of field demand, the pitch for the needs of the silica gel products has been more and more, and silicone injection molding machine relative to the traditional injection molding machine precision is higher, to ensure stable quality. Silicone injection molding machine of the electrical control system could reach the advantage is more controllable and process stability, and improve production quality, more conducive to the injection molding processing.
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