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After the flooding of vertical injection molding machine of vertical injection molding machine processing method

by:Hisson     2020-08-29
This season, since many areas of China has heavy rainfall occurs, even in some areas there are flooded, so if it is flooded the vertical injection molding machine? Should be how to deal with? Today we can talk to you about the vertical vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine is flooded, so we change how to deal with. Electric control part: this part of the water, will form a variety of original electric corrosion, rust and insulation function decline, so that we should: 1. The first disconnect the power supply; 2. In the shortest time of the water, will I/O computer host plate under the battery from above ( Advise clients timely operation) Because of I/O board did not remove the battery case, a single element is still in the current situation, so can accelerate the rust and corrosion degree of these components, will add the difficulty of the component repair and repair cost; 3. All points in the electrical components will be removed ( Service operation) Clean with alcohol, necessary parts can be cleaned, differentiation include I/O board, 24 v power supply, 5 v power supply, transformer, communication, contactor, air switch, axial flow fan, etc. 4. With field boring hopper is dry, all the components and boring, can put differentiation after washing clean components stratification in the hopper, boring boring temperature in 50 ~ 70 ℃, boring time 8 ~ 10 hours, test the insulation resistance value whether meet the requirements ( Usually use a 200 k file measurement) Discrimination is completely boring; 5. Will be dry thoroughly electrical components individually live view ( Service operation) , the view can only be installed using. Hydraulic parts: 1. Cannot open motor oil pump, because open motor hydraulic oil into the water may enter the machine hydraulic pipeline system, the metal hydraulic components rust; 2. Check the hydraulic oil into the water. Open rack plug at the bottom of the tank, released a few oil, will be covered with pieces of paper with a small amount of fire, if not burning point has a crack in the process of explosive, then clarify with water in the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil demand to replace all. ( Also using anhydrous copper sulfate test is blue, blue is clarified water) ; 3. If the oil in the water, they need to replace the hydraulic oil tank. Before oil change with a clean cloth wash tank. Machinery is introduced about the vertical injection molding machine whether or not you understand?
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