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Analyses the reason of the injection molding machine mold can't open

by:Hisson     2020-04-11
Q: is there a injection molding machine mold can't open the case, this is the cumulative appears four times, is a former use increases the system pressure and flow; With a hammer to knock crank arm; This time of the above methods are used for still can't open, is there any way to open the machine? A: miss li analysis: firstly the equipment must have been used for a long time, But the pressure and flow rate basic no problem) , open and close institutions of connecting rod, steel, copper sets, pin shaft and so on serious worn parts, lubrication device is bad, part caused by a lack of lubrication for a long time. Can use the following method to try, but later had to major repair or scrapping. To be sure, the following method has certain risk, repair personnel must have a certain work time and repair experience, can operate. 1) , first of all, the clamping oil cylinder piston rod and the cross connection nut loose to about two 5 of the original, and then the equipment mould pressure speed setting to maximum ( Pressure is 140 kg / ㎝ 2, 99 ﹪) Use the point press ( Prevent mold fast just) Method to open mold, can open (commonly Due to the nut and clamping cylinder piston rod in the distance, open action in shock, so increased pressure on open mould) ; 2) Again, if not, the clamping the guide bar on both sides of the cross, loose. Basic can open; 3) Again, if no, jack on the crank arm and cross between ejection cylinder, make its top tight, a little open mold force (by the machine This action can be done repeatedly, bit by bit) ; 4) Again, if not, is based on 3 work, after will stop device, the clamping oil cylinder return hose down ( Reduce the pressure of the air) Should be can open mould;
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