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Analysis of injection molding machine hydraulic system pollution reason and maintenance advice

by:Hisson     2020-04-11
The stand or fall of injection molding machine hydraulic system depends not only on the performance of the rationality of the system design and system component, also because of pollution prevention and treatment in the system, system of pollution directly affects the working reliability of the injection molding machine hydraulic system and component life. According to statistics, about 70% of the plastic injection machine hydraulic system failure at home and abroad is caused by pollution. The harm of oil pollution on the system is mainly as follows: � � 0 to 21. Worn the oil pollution of various pollutants cause components in all forms of wear and tear, solid particles into kinematic pair clearance, on the part surface cutting wear and fatigue wear. High-speed flow of solid particles on the surface of the element causes erosion wear. The water in the oil and oil oxidation products have corrosion effects on components. In addition, the system of the oil in the air caused by cavitation, lead to erosion and damage on the surface organ. 2. � � 0 2 components plugging and clamping fault solid particle plugging hydraulic valve clearance and the orifice of the valve core obstruction caused and clamping, affect job performance, and even result in serious accidents. 3. � � 2 0 accelerate the degradation of performance of the oil in the oil water and air to the heat energy is the main condition of oil oxidation, and the metal particles in the oil plays an important catalyst for the oxidation of oil, in addition, the water in the oil and suspended air bubbles significantly reduced the strength of the oil film between, reduce lubrication performance. Pollutant kinds of pollutants in injection molding machine hydraulic system oil is harmful effect to the system of material, it exists in different form in the oil, according to its physical form can be divided into: solid pollutants, liquid pollutants and gaseous pollutants. Solid pollutants can be divided into hard pollutants, are: diamond, cutting, silicon sand, dust and wear metals and metal oxides; Soft pollutants are: additive, decomposition of condensate water, oil and polymer into cotton silk, fiber and maintenance. Liquid pollutants is usually do not conform to the requirements of the system of the cutting oil, water, coating and chlorine and halide, usually we are difficult to remove, so when choosing the hydraulic oil to choose accord with standard of hydraulic oil system, to avoid some unnecessary trouble. Gaseous pollutants are mainly mixed with air in the system: these particles is often so small, so can't settle and suspended in the oil, and finally squeezed into all kinds of valve clearance, for a reliable plastic injection machine hydraulic system, the clearance for limited control, the importance and the accuracy is very important. Way the sources of the pollutants in the oil pollutant source system mainly has the following several aspects: � � 0. 21. � � 0 2: external invasion of pollutants in the atmosphere are the main external invasion of pollutants of sand or dust, usually by tank porosity, oil cylinder seal shaft, pump and motor shaft into system. Mainly is the use of environmental impact. 2. Pollutants within the � � 0 2: components during processing, assembling, debugging, packaging, storage, transportation and installation of residual contaminants, of course, these process is unavoidable, but can be to a minimum, when some special components in the assembly and debugging need in the cleanroom or clean environment. 3. � � 0 2 injection molding machine hydraulic system: the pollutants system in the operation process of the result of the components of wear particles, off the sand castings, pump, valve and joint off metal particles, the pipe corrosion exfoliation with its oil oxidation and decomposition of particles and colloidal material, more serious is the piping system before put into operation without flushing and some impurities. System maintenance � � 0 2 before put into a system is typically a wash, rinse residues in the system's purpose is to remove contaminants, scrap metal, fiber compound, core, etc. , in the first two hours work, even if not completely damage system, can also cause a series of failures. So should follow the following steps to cleaning system oil: � � 2 0 with a kind of easy to dry cleaning solvent cleaning tank, then use the filtered air to remove solvent residue. All piping cleaning system and, in some cases, need to piping and connectors for dipping. In the pipeline containing oil filter to protection valve oil supply line and the pressure piping. In current collector with a washing board to replace precision valve, such as electro-hydraulic servo valve, etc. Check all pipe sizes are appropriate, connection is correct. If the electro-hydraulic servo valve is used in the system, servo valve have to flush plate can make the oil flow from oil pipeline to current collector, and directly return to the fuel tank, so that we can make the oil circulation repeatedly, to flushing system, let the oil filter filter out solid particles, washing process, every 1 ~ 2 hours to check the oil filter, in case of oil filter is plugged, pollutants bypass don't open right now, if found oil filter oil change immediately start blocking filter. Rinse cycle by the system to determine the structure and system of pollution degree, if the sample no or few foreign pollutants of filter medium and is fitted with new oil filter, washing plate, install valve work! Planned maintenance, establish a regular system maintenance system, maintenance system with good results in injection molding machine hydraulic system are as follows: � � 0 2 up to 500 hours or three months to inspect and replace oil filter. Rinse pump imported oil filter regularly. Check the hydraulic oil by acidification or other contaminants, the smell of the hydraulic oil can be broadly to identify whether the metamorphic. Good repair leaks in the system. Make sure that no foreign particles from the fuel tank vent cap, oil filter plug seat, back to the line of tank sealing washer and other openings into the tank.
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