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Analysis of injection molding machine temperature rise effect big?

by:Hisson     2020-03-31
Injection molding machine is one of the largest processing machinery, plastic processing industry in the usage not only have a large number of products available injection molding machine production directly, but also of note, blowing process of key equipment. In injection molding process, many enterprises will find the phenomenon of injection molding machine has a high temperature, which has a great harm on the injection molding machinery and equipment is actually. Specific leads to the following five major hazard: a, lead to rubber seal change shape. Injection molding machine high temperature province will lead to deformation of rubber seals, accelerate the aging failure, reduce the sealing performance and led to the use of time, cause leakage. 2, to lower part work quality. Injection molding machine temperature rise too high can reduce part work quality and air dissolved in transformer oil escape, air pockets, to reduce the working performance of the hydraulic system. Third, the machine produce thermal deformation. The movement of the hydraulic components in the thermal expansion coefficient difference between components due to its smaller fit trainee jammed, lead to action failure, affects the transmission accuracy of hydraulic system, causes variation in the components work quality. Fourth, resulting in a decline in the viscosity of the oil. Injection molding machine temperature province is too high to cause a decline in oil viscosity, leak more, the volumetric efficiency of the pump and the efficiency of the whole system will be markedly reduced. Because of the oil viscosity, slide valve of mobile components such as oil film thinning and cut broken, frictional resistance increases, lead to wear and tear. Five, speeding up the oil oxidation. Injection molding machine temperature rise too high will speed up the oil oxidation, precipitation asphalt material, reduce the cause of hydraulic oil with time. Precipitates jam the damping holes and cracks type valve, causing pressure valve jammed and can not be action, metal pipe elongation and bending, and even rupture.
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