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Answer why injection molding machine is always more than set temperature

by:Hisson     2020-04-03
Q: after set temperature injection molding machine, over a period of time, always more than set temperature, how to return a responsibility? The teacher answer: 1) , reach the set temperature, relay disconnected, the temperature is still high, the control circuit is normal, because the raw material, screw and feeding tube friction caused by natural temperature, can use fan blowing beside the feed tube, can improve the phenomenon. In addition, if a certain period of set temperature is high, also has a function of thermal conductivity in other section of the temperature on the high side. And turned on the computer temperature buffer, the buffer value changes. 2) , more than set temperature, the relay has not been cut off: first check CPU pmolex line 8, and pull out, the amount of electric heating circle whether there is electricity, without electricity, check the heating temperature of the relay board or board, if still have electricity, check the wiring. 3) Lock, display temperature does not change with temperature, the multimeter ohm block amount all AC/DC power supply and impedance ( Should be more than 1 m Ω) 。 Check it again and check the temperature plate ( 6000). Or the motherboard ( S260) The short circuit on the piece, should be pull out. If have extraction, the replacement of 6000 temperature board CPU board, 260 host CPU board. Injection molding machine in the production of sometimes suddenly appeared high voltage clamping alarm when what is the reason? 1) And check the mould guide pin guide sleeve is normal; 2) , check whether the mould cooling water normally ( Mold temperature can cause high deformation) ; 3) , check whether the normal hydraulic oil temperature ( 35℃- - - - - - - - - - - - - 55 ℃ or so) Otherwise easy to cause stress ( Internal leakage cause) Falling; 4) , check to see if the electronic scale has been lock to zero. This phenomenon is often the feet zero movement electronic feet fastening screw or electronic scale was broken; 5) High voltage clamping, switch to check whether normal; 6) And check whether high voltage clamping end set time ( Don't be careful) It is too long.
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