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At the heart of the injection molding machine maintenance work is fault judgment and fault processing

by:Hisson     2020-04-03
At the heart of the injection molding machine maintenance work is fault judgment and fault processing. It involves broad scope, complexity is big, has a certain depth ( As a comprehensive professional knowledge level) 。 Both must have the basic knowledge of mechanical equipment maintenance, and have the basic knowledge of maintenance of hydraulic also should have basic knowledge of electrical maintenance. Actually, injection molding machine maintenance work is hard, but it is the process of continuous learning, as long as to master the basic working principle of injection molding machine, to grasp the method of basic work, regardless of all kinds of models, plus ca change, all can work procedures to explore a set of maintenance, to guarantee the normal work of the injection molding machine operation. Maintenance workers must first understand and master the contents of the injection molding machine operation instructions, familiar with and master the mechanical parts of injection molding machine, circuit and oil, understanding of injection molding machine in normal working mechanism, circuit and the working process of the oil, to understand and grasp the inspection and maintenance of electrical components, hydraulic components using method. Clear the abnormal working state and normal working state, in order to avoid time-consuming misinterpret and removed by mistake. Maintenance work must understand the operating method of equipment and should have some basic knowledge of injection molding, and the correct use of injection molding machine. If he does not know injection molding machine operation, maintenance and repair work is very difficult to judge fault can also be unreliable. Injection molding machine of circuit boards and electrical components affected by factors such as high temperature, the environment, time for a long time, the device working point offset, components of the aging degree, are all belong to the normal range. Debug injection molding machine, therefore, it is also one of the indispensable basic skills in maintenance work. Understand the processes of the injection molding machine, the debugging injection molding machine electronic circuit, hydraulic circuit is a very important link. Repair work is to be accurate, reliable, and timely and various types of injection molding machine in the operating instructions must be content to study and master, general maintenance, maintenance way of thinking is usually a circuit - — Oil - — The mechanical parts movement. And calibration work in turn, such as mechanical action and clamping pressure * lack, can find oil and circuit, such as circuit output is normal, the adjusting oil valve. If the oil is normal work calibration circuit electronic board. The final unit adjustment, of course, but the three relations mutually dependent and control. Correct use of instruments and meters, set-up detection circuit, oil, maintenance debugging the location of the mechanical part and action, is an important means of judging fault. General injection molding machine manufacturers only the electrical block diagram, block diagram of oil equipment and machinery and the main part of the, for the repair work is not enough. Must pay attention to the daily maintenance work, collect, sort out all aspects of the relevant data. Such as electrical, electronic, mechanical spare parts, oil circuit, electromagnetic valve, etc. Such as electric circuit principle diagram of surveying and mapping, if the opportunity comes electronic board schematic diagram and the actual wiring diagram of surveying and mapping, to measure information related to the corresponding terminal devices, etc, to make for fault judgment and analysis in maintenance to provide accurate testing point. Measure the specific parameters of the testing point. When necessary, to make your own power, analog input and output signals, the simulated test or calibration, to master and obtain first-hand data maintenance, such as the parameters of the working point at all levels. Oil maintenance, too, must be based on the characteristics of oil and oil pressure solenoid valve integrated calibration and maintenance. Organic would want often disassembly, cleaning, inspection, installation, the electromagnetic valve. These treatment can cause a lot of trouble, but it is very important. Maintenance work must master and compiled in accordance with the principle, the logical system breakdown maintenance method and judgment process diagram, in combination with daily maintenance work reality, collect information related to the injection molding machine, such as fault, its method has gradually mature, simulation test, voltage test method, the on-off test method, circuit board replacement method and other methods. After repair, to readjust the working point, a new calibration, load test, the equipment work in the operating instructions listed in the parameter range of data.
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