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Attention of injection molding machine injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-12-04
Enterprises must pay attention to the safety of the operation in using injection molding machine, we in the process of operating the first to test the reliability of the safety door, when the machine is running must have not reached into clamping mechanism, take products, be sure to open the door, again after confirm there is no foreign personnel safety or die, to close the door. Stop running heavy hand stretched between the nozzle and the mold gate. Repair the mold, it must be close the oil pump motor, it can prevent the happening of the accident. Then by the injection molding machine factory for you explain related matters needing attention in operation of injection molding machine. 1 area, due to the varieties of raw materials, products of different sizes and shapes, the clamping force is different also, when moving mold please the minimum clamping force adjustment according to the actual needs, not only can save power consumption, and will significantly extend the service life of the machine. 2, injection molding machine hydraulic system pressure adjustment shall be carried out according to the requirements of each action, respectively, is unfavorable and exorbitant, reasonably use of pressure, not only can save energy, but also extend the life of the machine. The location of each limit switch, also should adjust according to the needs of manufactured goods, especially in the process of the injection to keep pressure switch point adjustment must pay attention to, or you will make the products molding, on the contrary, lead to products produce the internal stress of high or flash, even cause mold, mold and make it difficult to open. 3, when the injection molding machine screw or when there is no material in the cylinder, unfavorable use high rotational speed of screw, Best under 30 r/min) , wait for material with screw screw groove ( Molten material from the nozzle) when it is squeezed Then the screw rotation speed rise to the need of numerical values. In order to avoid because of idling speed too high or too long scratch screw or cylinder. In this, points out that the injection molding machine injection molding machine factory cylinder heated from room temperature to the required temperature is about 30 minutes. Under the condition of the cylinder with residual cold material, insulation ten minutes again. To activate screw feeding, to ensure that the residual slag fully molten, avoid damage to the screw.
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