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Buy 1000 tons of injection molding machines at high prices

by:Hisson     2020-01-11

Injection molding machine is a processing machine used in the plastic processing industry.  Not only can a large number of products be directly produced by injection molding machine, but also is the key equipment to form the injection and pull blowing process. China has become the world's largest producer of plastic machine parts.  The reasons for promoting the development of China's injection molding equipment manufacturing industry are: first, joint ventures and technical cooperation with international enterprises; Second, Chinese companies have gradually adapted to the international procurement of mechanical parts and mastered the procurement channels. At the same time, the production of injection molding machines in China also presents strong regional characteristics.  Ningbo in Zhejiang and Dongguan in Guangdong have become important injection molding machine production bases in China and even in the world. DRV4- 55 T/85 T/120 T/160 T standard injection molding machine New Energy injection molding machine model: DRV4- 55 T/85 T/120 T/160 T standard injection molding machine DRV3-2R- 55 T/85 T/120 T/160 T Disc injection molding machine to improve work efficiency! DRV3-2R-2C- 120 T/160 T/200 T two-color double material injection molding machine, one-time molding of two kinds of materials, improve work efficiency! Main parameters of the machine: injection quantity: 99G, 129G, 169G, 200G screw diameter:,, injection speed: 200 MM/S, 250 MM/S, 300 MM/S injection pressure: 117MPA, 169MPA, 185MPA mold size: 400*300, 300*350, 400*400 motor power: 7. 5KW, 11. 5KW, 16. 5KW is applicable to new energy auto parts, mainly including: New Energy Automobile high-voltage connector, new energy automobile battery cover plate coating, new energy automobile parts coating molding, etc; The working process of the injection molding machine 1.  Closing and tightening: the cycle of the injection molding machine generally starts from the beginning of closing the mold, and the mold is quickly closed at low pressure, when the moving die is close to the fixed die, the power system of the die-closing is automatically replaced by low pressure and low speed.  When it is confirmed that there is no foreign matter in the die, the die-closing is tightened by switching to high pressure. 2.  Move the injection device forward and inject: after confirming that the mold has reached the required degree of tightness, the injection device moves forward to make the nozzle and the mold fit.  When the nozzle and the mold completely fit, the pressure oil can be connected to the injection cylinder, so the screw connected with the cylinder piston injects the molten material from the head into the mold cavity at high pressure and high speed.  At this time, the pressure exerted by the screw head on the molten material is called injection pressure. 3.  Keep the pressure and inject the melt into the mold cavity.  Due to the cooling effect of the low-temperature mold, the melt in the injection mold cavity shrinks to produce products with dense quality, therefore, it is necessary to maintain a certain pressure for feeding the molten material.  At this time, the pressure exerted by the screw on the molten material is called the pressure maintaining pressure.  During the pressure maintaining, the screw moves forward in a small amount due to feeding. 4.  Cooling and pre-plasticizing of the product: When the molten material in the mold cavity loses the possibility of backflow from the gate, the pressure-maintaining pressure in the injection cylinder can be removed, so that the product is cooled and shaped in the mold, at this time, the screw is in the hydraulic motor (Or motor) The backward movement of the screw during plasticization indicates the volume of melt accumulated by the screw (That is, the amount of plastic) , Product cooling and screw plasticization are usually overlapping in time.  Under normal circumstances, screw plasticization measurement time is required to be less than product cooling time. 5.  The injection device retreats and opens the mold to eject the product: After the screw plasticization and metering are completed. In order to prevent the nozzle from forming cold materials due to long-term contact with the cold mold, it is often necessary to withdraw the nozzle from the mold device and retreat.  After the melt in the mold cavity is cooled and shaped, the mold closing device opens the mold and automatically ejects the product.                                

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