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Can choose by what factors of vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-09-26
With the rapid development of machinery industry, in the face after we get to meet includes both vertical and horizontal injection molding machine injection molding. So when we choose the machinery and equipment, we should analyze what to choose? Then points out that the concrete method of vertical injection molding machine factory, we can from the clamping force, molar volume and amount of melt three aspects to consider. Clamping force, with reference to the biggest product surface area, shoot glue most stressful situations can't open the mould clamping force. Molar volume, that is, to be put under one of the biggest plastic mold size. Melt volume, it is a cylinder to the maximum number of plastic injection, a resin injection mold molding products should not exceed 70% of the total amount of melt. The above content is composed of vertical injection molding machine factory to share about how to choose the related factors of injection molding machine, hope to be of help.
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