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Can not transfer model of vertical injection molding machine processing method

by:Hisson     2020-10-01
Can not transfer model of vertical injection molding machine processing method. Machinery factory tell me the vertical injection molding machine can not transfer mold processing method, a in our everyday life we often appear these problems, how to solve these problems? Here we learn about the together! A super bad, mechanical level and parallel degree, is one of the vertical injection molding machine can mold problems. We need to use level check you the problem of parallel or horizontal square. After this problem, should timely adjust the parallelism and level. ( In view of the large aircraft, the impact is not big small models) 2, when the mother wire clamp and adjustable die clearance through the hours, also can appear not die. With a feeler, adjust the pressure plate and nut clearance, the clearance between the platen gap between them and the variable nut need & le; 0. 05mm。 3, burn nut: check nut can turn the fever for iron powder. Replace the nut. This is the simplest one. 4, up and down the plate adjustment: spending board lock nut check, adjust the adjusting nut. 5, when bad I/O board. You need to see on the computer to check whether there is signal dots on a page. May be to repair electronic board. 6, remove the check valve is a valve core is jammed. So going to clean the valve. Installed can be used again. 7, the variable motor bad: check the oil motor, replace or repair the oil motor. Above is our can not transfer model of vertical injection molding machine appeared different processing methods. We focus on the production of vertical injection molding machine, a spark plug injection molding machine, injection molding machine for halogen free, double color disc injection molding machine, silicone rubber injection molding machine, injection molding machine, etc. , single and double skateboard in need can login website consultation!
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