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Characteristics of vertical injection molding machine is introduced

by:Hisson     2020-07-29
As a product of the development of the industrial age, the status of the injection molding machine industry, in many injection molding machine is one of the largest number of models in production. In an age of innovation and innovation, vertical injection molding machine arises at the historic moment and rapid development continuously. Today we injection molding machine factory and you talk about the advantages of vertical injection molding machine in detail. (1) through a simple manipulator remoable various plastic mold, precision molding. (2) simple to realize the insert molding. Due to the mold surface facing up, insert into the positioning is simple. Using the template template moving model, and pull belt conveyer combined with mechanical hand, can be simple to realize automatic insert molding. (3) injection device and clamping device in the same vertical center line, and the mold is up and down along the open and close direction. It covers an area of only about half of the horizontal machine. Therefore, the conversion into area about twice as productive or so. (4) generally clamping device for open around, simple configuration of various kinds of automation equipment, automatic molding adapted to the complex and delicate products. (5) the mold by horizontal template bearing the weight of the open and close up and down movement, not happen before similar horizontal machine caused by mold gravity down, make the template can not be open and close. Is advantageous to the durability maintain machinery and mould precision. 6 small batch trial production, mold simple structure, low cost, and convenient for unloading. All landowners pull belt conveyer simple implementation calls among mould installation, easy to realize automatic molding production. Resin fluidity was simple to ensure the mould and die temperature distribution uniformity. Pet-name ruby are equipped with a rotating table, mobile platform, and tilt table form, simple implementation insert molding, molding in combination. Attending has stood the test of many earthquakes, vertical machine because of the low center of gravity, the relative horizontal machine vibration resistance is better.
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