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Clean injection molding machine hydraulic system, should pay attention to these points!

by:Hisson     2020-04-30
Hydraulic system in the manufacturing, test, use and storage are subject to pollution, and cleaning is to clean, keep the hydraulic oil, hydraulic components and pipe cleaning. Clean production, the hydraulic system are often the primary system cleaning and washing in the system. Full system refers to the whole loop of hydraulic equipment cleaning cleaning, before cleaning system should be restored to the actual running condition. Cleaning medium hydraulic oil are available, and the time for 2 - commonly 4 hours, no more than 10 hours, special circumstances to cleaning effect is a standard with no impurity on the filter circuit. When cleaning matters needing attention: 1, the general hydraulic system when cleaning, work with hydraulic oil can be used to test oil. Can't use kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam or other liquid, prevent the hydraulic components and pipe, tank and seal from corrosion; 2, cleaning process, the hydraulic pump and cleaning medium heating operation simultaneously. Clean the oil temperature is ( 50 - 80). Rubber slag in the ℃, the system is easy to get rid of; 3, in the process of cleaning, usable and non-metallic hammer percussion tubing, continuously tap, also can not continuously tap, pipe line and remove attachments; 4, hydraulic pump intermittent operation is beneficial to improve the effect of cleaning, intermittent time is commonly ( 10 - 30) 最小值; 5, in cleaning oil back to the road, should install filters or mesh. Just began when cleaning, due to the impurities, can be used 80 mesh sieve, cleaning the late convert more than 150 mesh screen; 6, the cleaning time is commonly ( 48 - 60) Hours, according to the complexity of the system, filtration accuracy and degree of pollution factors; 7, to prevent external corrosion caused by moisture, cleaning at the end of the hydraulic pump and continuous operation, until the temperature returned to normal; 8, after cleaning to the cleaning of oil within the loop out clean.
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