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Coloring is not appeared in the process of vertical injection molding machine run well

by:Hisson     2020-07-14
Vertical injection molding machine is specially used for one of injection molding equipment, if it is in the process of using the products color uneven situation is what reason? Today we injection molding machine manufacturer is about the problem simply to share with you. Reason 1: plastic or is caused by poor thermal stability of the colorant. If that's the reason on the one hand, we suggest to stable good parts is tonal, must strictly fixed production conditions, especially in the case of feed temperature, feed rate and the production cycle. Reason two: the shape of the parts and gate form of plastic filling will have certain influence, caused the color difference. On about this issue, if this reason, you need to modify. Three reasons: crystalline plastics if the cooling speed of inconsistent may cause wall thickness difference. At this point we should try to keep the cooling speed is consistent, can be used for color shading colorant, for more uniform wall thickness, the material temperature needs to be fixed parts and mold temperature. Reason 4: the color difference problem. Sometimes, we can see to the naked eye and the actual shape will be a certain color, please check under the standard light source at this time. Reason 5: the existence of the ripple. Injection molding pieces of the surface of spiral or other shapes appear uneven phenomenon, cause the color difference. In addition to the above several reasons for this cause off color, it is also possible that some of the other causes. Color difference problem about vertical injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is introduced here, we want to know more about the knowledge of the vertical injection molding machine, please query: /.
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