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Complete performance of vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine factory how to debug?

by:Hisson     2020-10-30
Daily vertical injection molding machine run before work, the need to vertical injection molding machine debugging to the best state, such ability faster and more stable production. So, how should we to the whole performance of vertical injection molding machine debug? Along with injection molding machine factory to know about the next. ( 1) Check the vertical injection molding machine pressure in the hydraulic oil tank and oil level in the oiler, make sure that the hydraulic oil and lubricating oil supply is adequate, also note the oil type must conform to the requirements of the specification. ( 2) Through to the main power source, through to the main switch on the control box, and there he put the operating mode selection switch point move or manually. First point dynamic injection molding machine, check the oil pump running direction is correct. ( 3) Machine should start in the hydraulic system, in the absence of any pressure when start again after adjusting hydraulic system pressure to normal pressure. ( 4) Hydraulic pump work, open the valves, oil cooler cooling water to cool the oil return, prevent oil temperature is too high. ( 5) Hydraulic pump for short periods of time after work, close the door after manual mold closing, and open the pressure gauge, observe whether the pressure rise. ( 6) When empty, manual machine idle running several times, observe whether security door, lights, all kinds of valve movement is correct and sensitive. ( 7) Check the relay, limit switch, counting device, the total stop button work is normal, reliable and sensitive. Finally, the injection molding machine factory highlighted how to a good view of vertical injection molding machine, must be in accordance with the above method for debugging.
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