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Connector is special injection molding machine selection and encapsulates the process matters needing attention

by:Hisson     2020-07-06
Connector we use in our life, is not only a great variety, and widely used, so its connector is special injection molding machine for unit selection is also there are some matters needing attention, guangdong vertical injection molding machine and introduce about the connector under the special injection molding machine selection and encapsulates the process matters needing attention. Structure size: the shape of the connector/line size is very important, according to the installation site to choose the appropriate use of space, the mold size. Injection plastic bags: now we are choosing cable need a plastic shell, at this time we injection method can be used to protect cables. Generality: general common connector is more popular, especially with series of products, so the connector/line of choice has a strong generality, reduce material types, increase the quantity to reduce costs, reduce the risk of supply at the same time. Using the environment aspects: connector/line use and outdoor, indoor, high temperature, high humidity and salt fog, mold, cold environment, different demands on cable. Locking function: prevent the connector/line with appear fall off, ensure that contact, at this time should be connecting with locking function. Cost: the cost is our users in the selection process very focus on one aspect, at the same time, our manufacturers also need to consider the cost of its present competition. The supply position of aspects: the supply of connectors/line will be affected by various factors, universal connector/line than not universal connection wire supply situation is good, domestic production is better than the supply of foreign production situation, etc. For special injection molding machine selection aspects of connectors, these points of injection molding machine manufacturer said whether you have noticed?
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