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Daily maintenance of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2021-01-07
Also need maintenance is not just people, equipment, for used for injection molding of vertical injection molding machine also need maintenance on a regular basis, effectively extending the service life of the equipment. Injection molding machine manufacturer about vertical injection molding machine maintenance routine is as follows: 1. Check the oil storage condition of machinery and equipment, when there is a shortage of oil supply in a timely manner, please added oil. Avoid by all means, such as vertical injection molding machine to stop working to add oil, don't wait to work until half of the time to stop machine. When the unit running suddenly stop working because no oil would be to unit to have certain damage, even shorten the service life of the unit. 2. When opening the vertical injection molding machine, many parts of the unit will have friction and friction for a long time can cause damage to parts, so we will remember add lubricating oil to reduce the noise of the machine operator before friction machine parts. 3. Keep the machine clean, it is specific in after each use of the machine to the machine must be clean. 4. Overall nursing care on a regular basis to send machines to the manufacturer. Injection molding machine manufacturer summary about vertical injection molding machine operator daily maintenance you usually have?
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