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Disc of vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine working principle of the plastic stage

by:Hisson     2020-09-26
The disc injection molding machine working principle of the plastic stage, then by vertical injection molding machine manufacturer for you. The basic working principle of injection machine can be understood as a plastic raw material in the cylinder after uniform plasticizing, flows through injection, molding, pressure maintaining and cooling after molding injection products. The characteristics of its various stages are as follows. Under the action of the screw, that is stored in the hopper granular plastic continuously along the spiral groove. Due to cylinder plus heat and screw for the combined action of shear plastic continuously heated bate, eventually melt glue flow state. At the same time, the screw head of molten material force to push the screw back. By changing the screw back pressure ( Work back to drain resistance) Adjust the speed of the screw back, change the screw groove plastic flow, finally achieve the goal of control plastic plasticizing performance. For example, increase the back pressure can improve the uniformity degree of melting, melting temperature rise at the same time, this will also affect the screw conveying ability; Screw back, their actual working length changes, plasticizing capacity decline, at the same time, after melting temperature of plastic screw axial deviation is large, and with the increase of the injection stroke and the screw rotation speed increase. Therefore, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is pointed out that using back pressure and temperature of melting, the linear relationship between the size can be adjusted dynamically according to the actual material temperature back pressure, compensation prediction model caused by effective to shorten the length of the screw when the axial temperature difference. Similarly, by adjusting the back pressure and rotational speed, ensure that under high back with large shear force and low speed, the plasticizing uniform; Under low back pressure and low speed, due to the front of the screw pressure melting get most of the release, moment of inertia of the screw.
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