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Discuss of vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine mechanical principles

by:Hisson     2020-09-07
Non-return ring, just as its name implies is to check the effect of inverse ring is non-return. It is to prevent the plastic melt in the injection back leakage when a parts. Nozzle is the connecting transition part of the cylinder and mould. Flange is connected to the nozzle and barrel parts, in the process of plastic plasticizing injection only ACTS as the channel. Feed hopper is to store plastic raw material parts, also some in the feed hopper with fever and blowing device into a drying hopper. Next by vertical injection molding machine factory to discuss the principle of injection molding machine. All electric vertical injection molding machine mechanical principles: first, open mold, clamping, thimble screw nut with high precision, the transmission accuracy is 0. 01mm。 Using new force transducer, accurately control the back pressure to obtain the stable precision injection. Synchronous pulley and synchronous belt, simple structure, easy installation, high driving accuracy and low noise. Second, linear guide rail, transform traditional reciprocating sliding guide for rolling guide, improve the positioning accuracy, reduce the cost of machinery and greatly save power, a long time to maintain high precision. Adopting centralized lubrication, volumetric proportion divider, ensure that each point of lubrication. Servo motor is a typical closed loop feedback system, driven by a motor gear group, the proportion of its terminal drive a linear potentiometer position detection, the potentiometer Angle coordinate transformation into a proportional voltage feedback to control circuit boards, control circuit board to be compared with the control of input pulse signal, a correct impulse, and drive motor forward or reverse rotation, consistent with expectations, in the position of the output of the gear set to correct pulse tends to 0, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning servo motor. Servo system: it is the position of the object, location, status, etc is accused of output can follow the input target any change of the automatic control system. Is the main task of the servo, according to the requirement of the control command of power amplification, transformation and regulation, such as processing, driving device, the output torque, speed and position control is very convenient. The above content is composed of vertical injection molding machine factory to sort out information about injection molding machine, hope to be of help.
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