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Double color disc injection molding machine its general function

by:Hisson     2021-01-02
With the increasing of field demand, the goods are diversified trend, various functions are perfect, the injection molding industry for the injection molding product requirements are also increasing, but some vertical injection molding machine units also can undertake a variety of products of injection molding, today we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer and you a brief introduction about double color disc injection molding machine its general function. 1. High power disc gear transmission by plane self-lubricating bearing wear. 2. 4 column 3 stand type two-color disc injection molding machine, vertical moulding, injection upright or horizontal injection, embedded parts. 3. Much station type disc, adding capacity. 4. Chrome plated disc appearance rust, beautiful, after use, the disc drive part can choose hydraulic motor and servo motor system. 5. Cooling water center synchronous transport water equipment ( Pipe can be synchronous rotating 360 degrees or 180 degrees of positive and negative transfer, water supply equipment, complete cooling mould. 6. The rapid positioning precision rotary ( Choose positioning cylinder positioning, positioning accuracy & plusmn; 0. 02 mm, not locate an die, protect the security of the mould) 。 Double color disc injection molding machine for the above function can be realized, to learn more about the relevant knowledge, please telephone consultation:.
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