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Electric control system of vertical injection molding machine, the anti interference problem is introduced

by:Hisson     2020-07-21
Is what we call the interference with the exception of the useful signal of noise on the impact of vertical injection molding machine system, the vertical injection molding machine manufacturer in guangdong with us to get to know it. To the problem of the interference of vertical injection molding machine can be divided into internal and external two cases. Internal interference on vertical injection molding machine parts are: 1. Signal crosstalk between; 2. Component layout is unreasonable, poor quality of components; 3. Adjacent coupling circuit; 4. The influence of digital earth and simulation; 5. Parasitic oscillation. On vertical injection molding machine external interference mainly include: 1. Electromagnetic interference, including near the close system on-off electricity equipment, vehicles, such as electromagnetic wave; 2. Power supply fluctuation; 3. Environmental interference, vibration, temperature and humidity, etc. Vertical injection molding machine and its internal interference of vertical injection molding machine control system was built, its can through elaborate design, and as far as possible. Imports but its external disturbance is random, and there is no connection structure, generally the author also difficult to limit, can only be used for the specific circumstances of precautions taken. For electric control system of vertical injection molding machine, tamper-proof issue, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer in guangdong is introduced the above aspects, understanding can be related to input the url/learn more.
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