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Electronic scale in the injection molding equipment using standard and pay attention to the point

by:Hisson     2020-04-03
Injection electronic scale is a kind of linear displacement sensor, is used to measure the actual position moving distance of injection molding equipment movement system an electronic meter. By way of partial pressure to relative voltage to display the actual location of the measured movement, as a result, the voltage for has greatly influence the accuracy of measurement. Below us about electronic scale in injection molding equipment specifications and key points: 1, the stable voltage supply: electronic scale requirements for power supply voltage and current in the plus or minus 0. Within the range of 1%, if the range is too big, will cause the display coil fluctuations, volatility changes with the size of the voltage fluctuation, directly affects the measurement accuracy; 2, electrostatic interference and frequency modulation interference, the interference of the interference of invisible to the naked eye is difficult to find the reason, to do strong wire with weak wires, especially in the system of measuring signal lines, electronic scale circuit to use the shielded wire, and completes the grounding line, in the case of high frequency interference is serious, the immunity apparatus can be used for protection; 3, large enough power supply: power supply for electronic scale, must have enough capacity, if the power supply capacity is insufficient, the clamping movement, the large current processes such as plastic action, electronic supply power can produce electric current pulse, trigger electronic do display effect is bad; 4, the correct connection mode: usually electronic foot line number '1' and '3' is the power cord, line, '2' is the output line. The power cord switch after impact is not big, but the output line if wrong, there will be a larger linear error, and the phenomenon such as a jump table; 5, correct installation: electronic feet must stay neutral, when installation Angle tolerance + / - 12 °, parallel to allow + 0. 5 mm, if the Angle error and parallel degree is too big, can also lead to display digital pulse; 6, reasonable replacement cycle: electronic feet belong to the consumable, aging, sealing the decrease in the process of long-term use of, or because the situations, such as oil pollution inflow brush resistance caused by unstable or display to beat, etc. , if you find this kind of situation, should be timely replacement of the new electronic feet; 7, other conditions caused by bad: if the check from the above kinds of link can't find causes of electronic scale, can from the line of electronic scale system analysis, check whether the cable insulation skin is damaged, if line contact with the metal casing short circuit and so on.
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