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Factors affecting the movement process of the vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-07-14
Vertical injection molding machine is mainly used for plastic extrusion operation. So what are the factors affect it work? Factor 1: temperature in terms of the temperature of the vertical injection molding machine, and if the device temperature rise, so can reduce the melt viscosity, improve the liquidity of the melt, reduce the power consumption of the machine, but also can improve the screw rotation speed appropriately. But if everything is measured, the temperature of the machine is too high, can appear out of the parison of easy generation self-respect sagging phenomenon, cause longitudinal uneven wall thickness of parison. Thus, it is important to maintain a proper temperature. Factor 2: if the melt conveying speed has increased vertical injection molding machine of the melt conveying speed, can improve the parison gravity drop phenomenon, increase of the parison wall thickness. But if too fast, also easy to produce the melt fracture phenomenon. So at the time of operation, need according to the operating instructions, the machines will melt conveying speed to maintain within a stable value. Above, we respectively from two aspects of the temperature of the machine and the melt conveying speed to analyze their influence, the people at the time of operation can refer to the above information, to keep these factors in a stable range.
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