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Failure analysis of injection molding machine hydraulic clamping pressure

by:Hisson     2020-04-11
Be used widely as the fully hydraulic injection molding machine, recently, the user didn't reflect the clamping pressure or lock die hold not to live. We know of the connecting rod machine clamping force is to rely on curved cubits linkage enlarged self-locking, in front of the curved cubits connecting rod to open the clamping force is not changed, and the whole hydraulic clamping force by clamping cylinder oil pressure to maintain, within the oil pressure once fell, the clamping force is not enough of the machine. Now will influence the clamping pressure may be summarized as follows, for you and repair the debugging personnel reference. A, clamping pressure doesn't display screen locked die pressure type 200, and clamping pressure gauge shows that only 150 bar actually, and the pressure is normal. 1, when there is no installation clamping pressure relay or pressure sensors in the molding machine, clamping in place is controlled by clamping time, can be locked on the display mode first time lengthen, observe the pressure gauge shows whether to rise. 2, check the system maximum pressure can hit 200 bar, can be in display of system pressure flow within the debug page debugging, if also can't type, is due to other reasons such as check the pump source. Second, the lock can not moulded lift 1, clamping pressure drop pressure is commonly caused by internal leakage of valve, CHG128, for example, the hydraulic controlled check valve on the clamping disc V15 and superposition type internal leakage of hydraulic controlled check valve V33 influential to clamping pressure. But because of both the valve leakage in small, characterized by clamping pressure drop pressure slower, mostly due to dirt stuck, one of the two valve to unpick and wash. 2, circulate in the four components of piston seal performance, including the seal and the valve core with seal on the piston seals, such as leakage is characterized by clamping pressure rapid fall. The disassembling very troublesome, general and final processing. 3, the old machine, the clamping oil cylinder through the cartridge valve realize the circulation, cartridge valve is normally open state, when the holding action, under the action of cartridge valve to control the oil closed, at this point, the control of oil leak will also make the cartridge valve open, leading to lower pressure. Oil is controlled by superposition type V12 pressure-keeping hydraulic control valves, internal leakage and closing speed of V12 will affect the pressure. Show the clamping pressure drop 10 - within short 30 the bar, and then remain unchanged. At this point need to replace the V12 reset spring, make its rapid shut down. Clamping cylinder down pressure failure to what time from the above analysis, from easy to difficult, exclude them one by one
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