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Fan for injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-04-24
Committed to industrial energy-saving transformation, vacuum pressure system transformation, industrial automation system transformation, industrial automation transmission (Pneumatic) The improvement has several years of experience in research and development and transformation, and provides full-wind vortex fans (Annular high pressure fan). Full air blower, full air RB blower, full Air medium pressure explosion-proof blower, full air CX permeable blower, full air HTB blower, full air permeable blower, full air TB blower, full air PF blower, full wind PB blower, full wind straight leaf blower, full wind heat insulation blower full wind high pressure blower has become the first double-stage vortex high pressure blower with a pressure as high as 150KP in China after being improved and designed by our company. The all-wind high-pressure blower has introduced the world's high-end Japanese technology and the manufacturing process of Siemens in Germany. The company has passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification, and the fan has passed the eu ce certification, selling well all over the world! Special vacuum pump for all-wind vibrating knife cutting machine 1. The blades and covers of all-wind high-pressure fans are made of the world's * * * hard ADC12 material, which is equivalent to the same material as Mercedes-Benz wheel steel ring. Second, the bearing of the full-air high-pressure fan adopts high-speed and high-temperature resistant imported bearing, which is 2800 rpm at 50Hz and 3450 rpm at 60Hz, free of lubrication, 20000 hours free of maintenance, equivalent to 2 years of continuous operation. Third, the full-wind high-pressure fan inlet and outlet are equipped with built-in silencer tubes to achieve low noise. Four, full wind high pressure fan 1. Models below 1KW can be used under full pressure. 5. The pressure of the full-air high-pressure fan is stable. The application of water treatment and electroplating treatment proves that the mixing is uniform and the water wave rolling height is consistent. Six, full wind high pressure fan under the same power, the same pressure, the flow rate is greater than similar products. 7. The wind cover of the full-air high-pressure fan adopts a sheet-like heat dissipation design, which is equivalent to the heat dissipation device of the motorcycle engine and greatly reduces the temperature of the fan during operation. 8. The full-wind high-pressure fan adopts the principle of bearing front design. The Two bearings are placed at the front end of the fan blade and the back end of the motor to achieve a good dynamic balance configuration and facilitate heat dissipation. ( The reason is that there is a heat sink at the front end of the fan blade for heat dissipation, and the bearing at the rear end works under the heat sink fan provided by the fan, thus keeping the bearing working at low temperature for a long time. ) Nine, the full wind high pressure fan adopts special shockproof foot design, thus greatly reducing the vibration generated during the operation of the fan. Feature Description:: paper cutter, combustion reducing machine, cigarette filter nozzle forming machine, electroplating bath liquid mixing, atomization dryer, water treatment aeration, Fish Culture enhancement, silk printing machine, photographic plate making machine, injection molding machine automatic feeding dryer, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, electric welding equipment, film machinery, paper line transportation, cleaning of dry cleaning clothes, air dust removal, Dry bottles, gas transmission, feeding, collection, etc. No. 2 is made of copper alloy, which greatly reduces the weight and achieves the purpose of quantification. 3. I'm sorry. E. C Zhongtong (1HP or above) , All-round external fan-shaped frame design, special heart-shaped design, can be used in combination with the design. 4. Special lens lens, high pressure, large amount of electricity, low noise, high life. 5. The special quantity is slightly larger, the quality control is high, and the operation is easy (CX. TB. HTB for sale). 6. The model is fully equipped, with more storage and rapid delivery. 7. The designed annular blower has the characteristics of small single blade diameter, increased air volume and high air volume. 3. The principle of wind pressure, when the impeller rotates, under the action of centrifugal force, the wind vane urges the gas to move forward and outward, thus forming a series of spiral movements. The air between the impeller blades accelerates in a spiral and squeezes gas outside the pump body (Inhaled by suction port 1) The side groove, when it enters the side channel 2, the gas is compressed and then returns to the impeller blade to accelerate the rotation again. When the air passes through the impeller and the side groove along a spiral track, each impeller piece increases the degree of compression and acceleration, and the kinetic energy of the gas increases as the rotation progresses, so that the gas pressure passing through the side channel is further increased. When the air reaches the connection point between the side groove and the discharge flange (The side channel narrows at the exit) The gas is squeezed out of the blade and discharged from the pump body through the outlet muffler 4.
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