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by:Hisson     2020-05-04
Scientific Design and reasonable structure 1. The main structure composed of stainless steel raw materials is beautiful in appearance, strong and firm, easy to install and use with various machinery equipment and components, and can be directly connected with the main machine feed inlet, avoid drying plastic particles for secondary moisture absorption. Efficient drying, effectively improve the quality of raw materials 1, uniform heat distribution, high thermal efficiency and high heat replacement, greatly shortening the drying time. 2. Direct blanking of dried raw materials at higher temperature can shorten the dissolution time of raw materials and improve the injection speed. 3. The dried product is clean, which obviously improves the brightness of the product, avoids the shrinkage of the finished product, and ensures that the raw material reaches 100% pass rate. Accurate remote control and safe operation 1. High-precision temperature controller and digital panel are adopted to make the temperature control range error less than 3℃. 2, equipped with overheating protection device and alarm lamp, is to avoid accidents caused by mechanical failure caused by overheating during machine operation; Seiko production, energy-saving experts 1, simplified and electric heating cylinders are made of high-quality raw materials through high-tech deep processing, with smooth inner and outer surfaces, no powder, convenient cleaning, and excellent thermal insulation performance, so as to effectively save electricity and energy. 2. The structural design is reasonable, the refueling is simple and fast, and the model design with multiple capacities can be targeted for the most effective and reasonable selection and use, thus improving the work efficiency.
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