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For vertical injection molding machine of choose and buy must pay attention to several points

by:Hisson     2020-07-06
Vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine is often used for a injection molding machine, injection molding in the injection molding machine we have several points need to pay attention to when the choose and buy, vertical injection molding machine mechanical summed up as follows: 1. Molar volume, namely mould length * width * height, choose suitable for factory product mould specifications and slightly bigger than the mould; 2. Injection volume, average is calculated on the plastic PS, unit for an ounce ( 盎司) , because of PS density ratio is a vertical to 1 cm. 5 g, this is a conventional calculating unit. Plastic due to different density than the different structure, so choose products turnning water mouth contrast injection molding machine is the most effective injection amount is not greater than 80% and not less than 20% for models; 3. Said product accuracy, the accuracy of the plastic product is directly related to the choose and buy of the machine and configuration requirements, such as engineering plastics must choose alloy screw and feed tube, screw length to diameter ratio L/D more than 20 times more, can achieve good plasticizing standards and requirements. Should product precision requirements can choose specific pressure + than flow or half closed loop type or full closed loop circuit control, etc. ; 4. Clamping force for vertical injection molding machine injection molding surface is the most important part of the clamping force per tons of said unit ( T) , the selection of the clamping force standard to plastic products of different length * width * plastic should be resistance.
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