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For vertical injection molding machine, you must know these things

by:Hisson     2020-12-28
Vertical injection molding machine is widely applied in various fields of people's life, in the continuous development of today's society, vertical injection molding machine occupies the important position, which became one of the largest number of models in production at present. For vertical injection molding machine, if want to know some things you must know, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is here to share with you. Star enterprise, its fabric, all over the country, equipment technical level is uneven, most of the processing enterprises equipment requires technical transformation. Over the past few years, China's plastic machinery industry technical progress is very significant, especially the vertical injection molding machine technology level gap with foreign brand products greatly narrowed, inside the control level, product quality and appearance modeling has achieved significant difference. Choose domestic equipment, with small investment, can also produce comparable to imported equipment quality products. These create conditions for enterprise's technical transformation. To have a good product, must have good equipment. Wear and corrosion of equipment is a kind of natural law, people have mastered the law, will be able to prevent or reduce equipment wear and corrosion, extend the life cycle of equipment, ensure the integrity rate of the equipment. To strengthen the use of plastic machinery, the maintenance and management work, the authorities have to formulate the relevant standards and the detailed rules for the implementation, the equipment management department and production enterprise management and use of equipment & other; Scientific management, correct use and reasonable lubrication, the careful maintenance, regular maintenance, planned maintenance, improve equipment intact rate, often make the equipment in good condition. Plastic injection molding technology is based on the principle of the die casting from the end of the 19th century the early twentieth century, is one of the most widely used method in plastic processing. The law applies to all thermoplastics and part of thermosetting plastics ( Account for about one-third of the total plastic) 。
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