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Generally speaking, the development of mold planning and manufacturing skills in our country has experienced the embryonic stage of craft workshop manufacturing,

by:Hisson     2020-04-24
The barriers to skills are relatively high. Guosheng uses the combination of plane Mill, full-automatic optical Mill, wire cut, machining center and other equipment to produce. In the future, the requirements for connector Terminal molds will be higher and higher, which is due to the trend of miniaturization of connector interfaces and high data transmission rate. If the distance is too far, you should also collect as much as possible the relevant information and relevant text descriptions of the manufacturers; Therefore, most people like plastic bright products, and some bright products have relatively high production requirements. When the products are molded, the products may also be pulled, and the products are always glued. The selection of mold parts factories should not only look at their equipment and scale, but also consider their factories and products. Injection mold is a skill operation, and exhaust is also a relatively important problem. As hot air occurs briefly during molding and pouring, if it is not discharged from the mold cavity in time, the quality of the mold will be briefly affected, therefore, the exhaust of the injection mold is also a more severe operation. Home appliance panel injection molding machine manufacturers generally introduce these two types of steel for injection mold processing. As the price of this brand-new steel is also relatively affordable, the customer's cost will not rise. The horn into the water is a diving method for the production of glue in the injection mold structure. How to evaluate the quotation of injection mold. The project manager of the company recently received a very humorous customer. Their company's primary product is a mobile power source that modern people cannot do. In the process of mold production and manufacturing, computer Gong processing is a very important process, and it is also a relatively high production process in the cost of injection mold. Usually it will be around %. The source of the gas (1)Air is left in the mold cavity itself; (2) Some materials contain moisture that has not been dry and evaporated into steam at high temperatures; (3) Gas generated by high temperature differentiation of some unstable plastics in the injection molding process; 4) Some additives are volatile gases that occur in plastic materials or through chemical reactions with each other. Hazards of poor exhaust. If the injection molding abrasive does not exhaust the air in time, it will bring some harm to the quality of the object. Generally, there will be the following performances :(1) In the process of injection molding, the melt will replace the gas in the cavity. If the gas is not discharged in time, it will lead to difficulty in filling the melt, lack of composition and inability to fill the cavity; Generally, circular rotary die-cutting equipment is adopted, with full rotation, connection type and single-station type, with ideal precision and speed. Most label printing and electronic accessories companies adopt shape processing methods on the market. Home appliance panel injection molding machine manufacturers and plastic molds should have sufficient rigidity, otherwise deformation will occur when the mold is kept under pressure, resulting in 'flash' Selecting a reasonable exhaust position and its control amount. Otherwise, the plastic is not filled and the product is 'missing '. With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic concept, multi-color plastic mold has become a very popular plastic mold product. Now let's learn the general steps of two-color injection molding. First, the process analysis of plastic products.
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