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Generally speaking, there are two injection molding schemes for injection molding machine with Crystal Head of injection net wire, and the complete injection molding solution is two parts of mold molding machine, which affects the efficiency of injection

by:Hisson     2020-04-26
NO. 1 for small batch production, choose: low-pressure injection molding machine and injection mold. Advantages: low-pressure injection molding machine has low power and less power consumption. Small batch production can be purchased in large quantities because the efficiency of low-pressure injection molding machine is low, model size small so injection number not too much. The price of a single machine and mold is relatively cheap. Disadvantages: single injection molding efficiency is not high, single product production cost is high. If NO2 is produced in large quantities, choose: disc machine (Or skateboard) Injection mold, advantages: disc injection molding machine has high power, high power consumption, mass production, single machine injection molding a large number of products, single product production cost is relatively low. Disadvantages: the purchase price of machines and molds is relatively expensive. At present, the injection molding machines that our company can use to produce crystal heads for injection molding are roughly the above two schemes. Ordinary injection molding machine: 147 ~ 177Mpa; Precision injection molding machine: 216 ~ 243 Mpa; Ultra-high pressure injection molding machine: 243MPa or more, usually 243 ~ Between 392 MPa. Mold temperature has a considerable influence on the later thermal shrinkage of the parts, also affects the apparent quality and crystallinity of the parts, and also affects the mechanical properties of the parts. If the cooling time is the same, the thickness of the product with low mold cavity temperature is larger than that of the product with high temperature. Plasticized parts: screw, screw head, check ring, barrel, etc. should be designed into structural forms with strong plasticizing ability, good homogenization degree and high injection efficiency; The screw drive torque should be large and can be continuously variable. The temperature and non-periodic signals of each section of the screw melting barrel are generally heated by at least 4 sections;
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