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Guangdong vertical injection molding machine brands of the advantage of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-12-25
On the field of the injection molding machine is divided into multiple, roughly vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine with the bedroom, the two can be differentiated as the name implies, vertical injection molding machine brand in guangdong machinery has been committed to the development of vertical injection molding machine, below we machinery and you simple introduction about the advantage of vertical injection molding machine. 1. Vertical injection molding machine which cover an area of an area small, only half of horizontal injection molding machine, injection and clamping device on the center of a vertical line, below the mould on the open and close. 2. Enchase molding are easier to implement, the mold up, insert into the more easy, convenient operation, more human. 3. Small batch production, the mold structure is simple, low cost, convenient unmounted. 4. Pull the belt conveyer is easy to implement string among mould installation, are easier to implement automatic molding production. 5. Mold from horizontal formwork supporting its weight, there will be no mould caused by neutral fore ( Horizontal machine) And makes template can't open and close phenomenon, can keep the machine and the mould precision. 6. Vertical injection molding machine of its low center of gravity, good vibration resistance. 7. Can be equipped with simple manipulator, take out the plastic mold, precision molding. 8. Around the vertical injection molding machine clamping device is open, equipped with all kinds of automatic device is more convenient, adapted to the complex and delicate products automatic forming.
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