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Guangdong vertical injection molding machine is there any way to energy conservation

by:Hisson     2020-12-23
Vertical injection molding machine is widely used in guangdong guangdong injection molding industry, but everybody in the use of vertical injection molding machine for production, whether to have given some methods can be more energy efficient, reduce the cost for our injection molding process? Below we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer and introduce about the method of using waste heat to energy conservation. On vertical injection molding machine is energy saving is an important work of recovery of waste heat, if the unit of waste heat can be generated at run time, save the economic benefit is very considerable. As we all know, vertical injection molding machine system configuration for plastic dryer, drying in the drying with heat from the outlet with the discharge air, as if waste heat to the row of directly to this part of space, it is will increase the temperature inside the workshop, and there was dust content, can affect the health of workers, and that can increase the energy consumption to increase the economic burden. Vertical injection molding machine of waste heat recovery heat cycle device, installed around the perimeter of the plastic tube heating period of waste heat collection device. Using the heat coming from the equipment run time within the dry barrel on plastic drying dehumidifying treatment. Certain water content, dust hot air from a vertical injection molding machine, after a pipeline into hot air circulation dehumidification dust filtering device, to deal with it. Since the heat part after heat adjustment fan. Power for heat of vertical injection molding machine. Make the produce flow circulation, the processed into the vertical injection molding machine, again through the heat coming from the plastic tube to enter further heat treatment of heat; Another part of the heat and reheating after gas passes the vertical injection molding machine, it can use hot air volume adjustment of temperature in the molding machine again. For vertical injection molding machine, our technical staff can pay more attention in some small details, to maintenance of unit, unit makes more energy efficient, effectively extending the service life of the vertical injection molding machine.
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