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Guangdong vertical injection molding machine of plastic liquidity factors

by:Hisson     2020-12-24
Vertical injection molding machine for guangdong plastic liquidity will change because of forming factors, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer brand summary about the main factors influencing the vertical injection molding machine in guangdong plastic liquidity has the following points: 1) high temperature material temperature increases liquidity, but different plastic also vary, PS ( Especially impact resistance and higher MFR) , PP, PA, PMMA, modified polystyrene ( Such AS ABS, AS) , PC, such as CA plastic liquidity larger changes with temperature. For PE, POM, the temperature increase or decrease in smaller influence on its liquidity. Therefore the former in the molding time adjust temperature to control liquidity. (2) the pressure of vertical injection molding machine injection pressure is molten material shear effect, also increase the liquidity, especially sensitive PE, POM, thus forming time adjustment of injection pressure to control liquidity. (3) the form of vertical injection molding machine mould gating system structure, size, layout, design of the cooling system, the molten material flow resistance ( Type such as surface roughness, feeding section thickness, shape of cavity, the exhaust system) Factors directly affect the molten material within the cavity of the real liquidity, that prompted the molten material to reduce the temperature, increase liquidity resistance of the liquid is reduced. Mold design should be in accordance with the liquidity of the plastic used, with reasonable structure. Molding, also can control the material temperature, mold temperature and injection pressure, injection speed and other factors to adjust properly filled to meet the needs of the molding. Vertical injection molding machine brands specializing in pneumatic hydraulic mechanical equipment research, development, design, transfer of technology to give priority to. To learn more about the knowledge of the vertical injection molding machine, please click & other; Injection molding machine manufacturer & throughout; 。
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