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HISSON-48g 12-Cavity PET Preform Mold
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1. High quality mold material

As you known, material is the foundation of the mold, molds high quality should be guaranteed by the high quality material firstly. Aiming at the different characteristics, we adopted different material for different mold parts:

Core part and cavity part: Stainless steel(Sweden S136)

Neck part: High grade nitrogened steel(38CrMoAl)

Mold plate: P20# steel

Guide bar and guide cover: 20CrMo


2.Quick Detail

48g 28mm PCO PET Preform Mold
Hot Runner
Core and Cavity Material: S136 or 2316

Product Advantage

 High precision tooling

We have advanced CNC equipment and various kinds of high precision mold tooling machine.

For Mold plate: The surface is machined through imported grinding machine, which will guarantee the parallel grade between the plates.

For guide bars hole: This part is machined through numerical boring machine or CNC(numerical milling machine),which will guarantee the high running precision of mold plates.

For core part and cavity part: After rough lathing, the parts will be tooled on high precision numerical lathing machine, which ensure the preforms shape and size as the same as our design exactly.

For cylinder and material mouth-sealing bar: The cavity of cylinder will be machined through inner-round grinding machine,and the material mouth-sealing bar will be machine on high precision coaxial outer-round grinding machine, thus our material mouth-sealing bar can run stably driven by the outside air pressure, at the same time, and the working life is prolonged.

Advanced heat treatment technical

The steels inner structure will have some different change under different heating or cooling condition, through which we can enhance the performance of material. And during the tooling course, the changing is effectively to eliminate the cutting stress, accordingly our work piece can get the excellent using performance.

Plate: Heat treatment is very important for mold, especially for the large mold (such as 24 cavities, 32 cavities and 48 cavities). As well-known, the mold plate might be transformed under the high temperature condition as 300; in the gross it will swell about 0.45mm per 100mmm. In order to decrease the swelling, we will do the valid heat treatment on our mold plate; some manufacturers have neglected this to decrease the tooling cost.

Core part Cavity part: High performance of the two parts is crucial since they will touch the high-temperature melting PET material. Our heat treatment on core and cavity include eliminating the stress during tooling process and the hardening treatment on the surface, which can avoid the transform and decrease the wearing.

Guide bar Guide cover: Firstly we choose the suitable material to make the bar and cover, and we will do the quenching treatment on the surface, as a result, the hard degree is very high, which will decrease the wearing during the mold opening and closing. At the same time, the inner structure has remained; the bar will hold the excellent toughness and will not break.

Neck part: Also the neck part will touch the high-temperature melting pet material directly, and in order to ensure the smooth doffing, the neck part will be opened through the slipping block during each mold opening course. So the requirement on neck part is very high, it should get the suitable hard degree, generally we will do the nitrogened treatment on this part.

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