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How about vertical injection molding machine safety operation

by:Hisson     2021-01-10
Vertical injection molding machine the operation safety is very important, today we injection molding machine manufacturer and you simply say about how the vertical injection molding machine safety operation. First, before the operation, need to prepare and check each part of the machine and electrical control box is good. Secondly we check the oil level of hydraulic oil, will be filled with oil, start the motor observation axial plunger valve oil is normal. Open the water valve turn on the cooling water. In terms of vertical injection molding machine with mould: push the move mould institutions to high, plastic mold in a mobile template, unscrew the fixed template, correction and plastic mould on the mould and fixed template. Tighten screw, tighten under the plastic mold die on mobile template, run move mould institutions, check whether the mold position is correct. Vertical injection molding machine of cylinder heating ways: through electric switch electrical control box, add plastic inside the cylinder, fully heated plastic melt. Vertical injection molding machine operation through electromagnetic valve to make move mould institutions rise and plastic mold closing, through to the electromagnetic valve 6 injection press plunger into the cylinder to injection molding press plunger into the cylinder. When injection is completed through the electromagnetic valve 6 will return tube material, injection plunger pressure on electromagnetic valve 8 institutions declines, the moving mould, plastic mould can be open mold release. Vertical injection molding machine is we use a lot in the process of injection molding of a device, in use process, if the safety operation notice, we can for our operators have some guarantee, at the same time, to some extent can effectively prolong the service life for us. For vertical injection molding machine and which aspects need to know, please enter the url: / understanding.
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