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How many suitable injection molding machine hydraulic oil temperature?

by:Hisson     2020-04-30
Hydraulic system of the ideal working temperature should be between 45 to 50 degrees, the reason is that the hydraulic system is designed based on a selected pressure oil viscosity, but viscosity changes with the discretion of the oil temperature, thus affecting work of the system components, such as oil cylinder, hydraulic valve, the control accuracy and response sensitivity is reduced, especially in the case of precision injection machine. High temperature at the same time also will accelerate the seals aging makes its hardening, fracture; Temperature is too low processing and energy consumption, lower the running speed. So pay close attention to the working temperature of hydraulic oil is very necessary. High oil temperature has a variety of causes, but more due to hydraulic failure or the failure of the cooling system, etc. Oil deficiency can lead to increased oil WenYi, air is easy to dissolve in oil and the normal operation of the oil and the hydraulic system, oil shortage is usually the loss caused by oil spill or repair, therefore daily should pay attention to the site to check for leaks, replace worn seals as early as possible, tighten loose coupling, etc. , after repair to check the amount of oil, gas supply in time. The hydraulic oil is one of the important properties of its chemical stability, oxidation stability. Oxidation is the most important factor in the effective service life of hydraulic oil, and oxidation of wood tar, carbon residue and sludge will not insoluble substance pollution of hydraulic system, and increase the abrasion of hydraulic components, reduce the gap, plugging holes, leading to failure in the hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil oxidation speed depends on itself and the working condition and so on many factors, of which temperature is one of the main factors, therefore to use suitable hydraulic oil, and regularly check the hydraulic oil oxidation degree ( To judge from the color of deep and) Over a certain number of hours, after oil explorers is absolutely necessary. Injection molding machine in use process, often should check the level of pressure oil pump pressure and oil cleanliness, in wet weather, must be inspected daily pressure oil concentration, still need to check the pipe at the same time, in order to avoid water mixed with within the pressure oil, oil filter block. The tank check, keep clean, prevent sundry fall into. Added pressure oil on time. For lubrication each moving parts, each trip switch, the tightness of screws and whether the spill oil pipes, joint parts, etc. , should be a routine inspection once a week, keep good condition, if there are any loose, replace or tighten. In addition, a kind of pressure oil used for a long time is too long, can replace the pressure oil, so in order to prolong the life of compressor, oil pump and oil seal.
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