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How to choose the injection molding machine circuit breaker of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-09-24
With the development of machinery industry rapidly, injection molding machine has become the essential machinery factory. Then, the circuit breaker is what? We should be how to choose the circuit breaker? Next by vertical injection molding machine factory for you to explain how to choose the injection molding machine circuit breakers. Any neglect circuit protection design of electrical or electronic products are buried fault hidden trouble. Protect your expensive equipment in the final analysis is to include the power control switch, electrical, and protection, the entire electrical system, in order to avoid short circuit and current is too large. Determine for a specific application of the appropriate circuit protection device is not difficult, but it does need a bit to think. If electrical and electronic equipment adopted in the design specifications of partial loose circuit protection device, the device will be easily damaged by impact power and result in the disastrous consequences of the fire, on the contrary, if the specifications have to slant yan circuit protection device, will cause the annoying phenomenon of frequent trip. The current circuit breaker mainly include thermal circuit breakers, magnetic circuit breaker and flux leakage circuit breaker etc. When choosing circuit breaker, the designer not only need to consider the following circuit, also should consider including the installation position of circuit breaker and the shell size restrictions conditions: 1. Applying the rated ac or dc voltage 2. Single phase, multiphase and pole number 3. Applicable national electrical standard and standard 4 safety management institutions. Short circuit breaking capacity thermal circuit breaker thermal circuit breaker adopts a bimetallic strip with circuit in series. The heat generated by the current during the overload can make the bimetallic strip deformation, so that the circuit breaker tripping. Compared with the fuse, thermal protector has a significant advantage, is to be able to reset after a trip. They can also be used as a protection equipment of the power on/off switch. Finally, pointed out that with the increase of temperature, vertical injection molding machine factory of thermal circuit breaker tripping speed is accelerated, and often at lower under the current level of tripping. When the circuit breaker and system exposed to the same heat source, this feature is often very useful.
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