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How to deal with vertical injection molding machine lock mode to crawl?

by:Hisson     2020-12-20
How to deal with vertical injection molding machine lock mode to crawl? We in the daily use in the production of vertical injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine in some working operation will produce all kinds of small problems, climbs the lock mode is one of them. Is a kind of problem, we particularly need attention so what should we do? We usually processing method is commonly, when crawling in the lock mode, go to will adjust proportional valve electrical flow numerical processing. Yet the need to exhaust pipes or oil cylinder and so on some processing. Second, if the lock mode and unreasonable pressure adjustment speed will also appear to crawl, at this point you need to reset the flow. Third, when junior guide rail or an elder brother Lin Zhu appeared wear problem, have to change in time, also need to add the lubricating oil and so on. General as long as the vertical injection molding machine, the lock mode the crawling in accordance with the above method to check and handle. Generally can troubleshoot vertical injection molding machine can be seen from the above we lock mode creep is caused by the above three points, but is also likely to be other failure problem, this time we can ask professional maintenance teacher to deal with, can better repair machine, can be better guaranteed results, to achieve the most reasonable treatment. Crawl will, after all, the most perfect improve the lock mode, it definitely will lead to a more reasonable guidance, bring the most outstanding presentation. Mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to provide: vertical injection molding machine, injection molding machine, single and double skateboard silicone injection molding machine, injection molding machine for the connector, a C in the injection molding machine, two-color disc injection molding machine, mobile phone boxes, special injection molding machine, etc. Focus on vertical injection molding machine production, necessary to the company website for details. The company's website address: WWW. jinsu168. com
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