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How to deal with vertical injection molding machine mould failure

by:Hisson     2020-08-09
Vertical injection molding machine operators in the use of unit mould fault happens from time to tome, so what reason is caused? Should be how to deal with again? Vertical injection molding machine brand manufacturer with us to get to know. Vertical injection molding machine mould the cause of the problem may be the pressure flow is too small, clamping whether electronic scale to zero, if the hinge and so on, if appear these problems, technicians can make the following treatment: first, can increase the clamping opening speed, check whether the clamping pressure is appropriate, after finally increasing clamping speed and pressure, let it run normally. Second, you can readjust the electronic scale to zero position, after restart, see if it can run normally. Third, we can better check the lock mode for the ground, in a timely manner after troubleshooting. If you can't solve open mold problems of vertical injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer brand machinery advice can be solved for vertical injection molding machine manufacturer.
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