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How to maintenance of vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine factory

by:Hisson     2020-11-12
In our usual operation of vertical injection molding machine in due time will appear some problems, but in good conditions, we maintain this situation can be avoided. Then by the injection molding machine factory to teach you how to maintain knowledge of vertical injection molding machine. 1, check the hydraulic oil storage is enough, enough to supply in time, to keep the oil clean at ordinary times. 2 regular lubrication, lubrication points according to the rules, a certain period of time to the oil filter for cleaning. Cleaning around to pay special attention to the machine, can't let the oil into the tank inside and cause pollution. After 3, the use of the machine should be on the dirt rub-up, lubrication appearance should be greased. 4, time to see some electrical appliances, to remove dirt, oil, dust, adhere to the electrical contact cleaning, often wipe out the joint on the dirt and dust. Small vertical injection molding machine operation preparatory work: 1, to check the machine parts and electrical control box is outstanding. 2, check the oil level of hydraulic oil, oil storage is not enough, a motor survey axial plunger valve oil is normal or not. 3, turn on cooling water cooling water valve. More than how to maintain vertical injection molding machine is released by injection molding machine factory arrange to share for everyone to learn knowledge, hope to be of help.
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