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How to play the best efficiency of fully electric injection molding machine of plastic injection machine

by:Hisson     2020-12-10
In the present commercial society, increasingly fierce competition, products in addition to price competition, improve work efficiency has become one of the competitive advantage. Good quality of injection molding machine to make customers more recognition. Then by the injection molding machine factory to teach you how to play the best efficiency of fully electric injection molding machine. In the injection molding machine industry under the condition of continuous development, various types of injection molding machine, such as fully electric injection molding machine, the exhaust type injection molding machine, foam injection molding machine, multi-color injection molding machine, etc. , into a new development direction, all electric injection molding machine, in particular, in ningbo, suzhou, guangzhou, regions such as the seller. The work efficiency of increasing the fully electric injection molding machine, how to play the best efficiency of fully electric injection molding machine? 1, the injection molding cycle. By the boot to run ( Moulding, injection, pressure maintaining and cooling, mould) Time needed for the shortest cycle time, from closing to the next. 2, high voltage clamping clamping force in the lowest time can make the product does not produce flash, can effective use of time, to save time. Besides, mold, injection molding machine of the pull rod, wrist and template will also because of using low clamping force and prolong life. If a mould using 50 t clamping force is enough, don't need to use 51 t clamping force, although your injection molding machine has higher clamping force. 3, top a small injection molding machine output is relatively small, compared with oil pressure, using pneumatic ejection speed is higher. Electric ejection and faster than air ejection. Mold can be designed by the open action to drive out, instead of using injection molding machine ejection device, this method can only be out once, this is the simplest method of open die while out. Adopt independent oil and gas circuit or circuit control, can realize multiple ejection mould opening while ejection function. 4, the vibration of the injection molding machine back out many times ejection can make the product. If you need to shorten the time, every time can need not top thimble. The last time the top back can start with clamping at the same time. Because of thimble, shorter than the template, so always full back to clamping thimble. Finally, the key points in the use of fully electric injection molding machine injection molding machine factory, pay attention to the above steps, can play a better work efficiency.
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