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How to prevent the vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine bearing hot

by:Hisson     2020-09-21
With the development of machinery industry, injection molding machine is indispensable mechanical processing plant. Then, we use the injection molding machine bearing hot problems we should be how to prevent? Then by vertical injection molding machine factory for you. In manufacturing industry, machinery and equipment is the main development power, the normal operation of machine can make manufacture process smoothly and finish the task of the enterprise. Will inevitably be in continuous operation of the machine, bearing the hot situation, bearing hot will generally lead to damaged parts, severe cases can make the whole machine paralysis affect production process. Finally, vertical injection molding machine factory is pointed out that with many machines, injection molding machine, also can appear bearing hot, good protection and prevention method, can to maximize the use of injection molding machine. When bearing too much too little in lubricating oil, lubricating oil, lubricating oil pollution metamorphic often make it hot, you should clean the bearing, then pour into the space inside the bearing size 50% of lubricating oil. When found bearing damaged, need to change on time, in case cause more severe. To control good bolt, elastic suitable for the best, to make the bearing operating normally.
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