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How to retrofit injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-11-17
Energy conservation and emissions reduction becomes a new upsurge period, injection molding machine factory in response to state the great call to action, will be energy saving injection molding machine, the following by analytical injection molding machine injection molding machine factory for you how to carry out energy saving modification. Electric heating circle for injection molding machine cylinder heating part of the indispensable equipment, mechanical and electrical heating due to plastic injection system accounts for 15% ~ 30% of energy consumption of the whole machine, if we can reasonable selection of different kinds of electric heating circle, can reduce energy consumption, thereby lowering the production cost. At present, the field of popular electric heating circle three kinds: resistance type electric heating circle, the electromagnetic and nanometer infrared electric heating circle. Need to overcome the resistance of the conductor resistance type electric heating circle would electrical energy into heat energy, and passed through the contact conduction way, lead to a lot of heat is lost into the air, thermal efficiency is low, the environment temperature is high. Electromagnetic heating produced by LC parallel resonance, through cylinder cut lines of magnetic force, generated eddy current makes the plastic heat melting. Electromagnetic heating technology is through the electromagnetic induction principle makes the metal cylinder his fever, and can according to the specific situation in the cylinder outer package must be the thickness of the insulation heat preservation material, thus greatly reduce the heat loss, improve the thermal efficiency, so the power saving effect is significant. But on the other hand, electromagnetic induction heating coil is made by high frequency current through the coil produces high speed change of alternating magnetic field, electromagnetic heating coil when the paragraphs respectively by electricity, magnetic flux density will increase significantly, when the magnetic field strength when they reach a certain amount of the central nervous system constitute a harm to human body. In addition, higher harmonic produced by the electromagnetic induction heating coil exists harmonic pollution to power network, the impact power grid, power grid caused by the increase in power consumption, shorten the life and unsafe operation. At the same time, the electromagnetic heating has adverse influence on the peripheral of precision instruments, such as temperature measuring thermocouple, displacement sensor, the injection molding machine controller, temperature fluctuations, location, beating, will appear the phenomenon such as controller is out of control. Nanometer infrared electric heating circle generally by nano electric heating layer, thermal insulation, such as shell, radiation protection coating parts. After applying an alternating current, electric heating circle itself into a far infrared radiation heat source, thermal conversion rate over 98%. In addition, the unique design can firmly lock the one-way fever heat, prevent send out into the air, significantly reduce temperature environment. Due to resistive heating coil and belong to a type of thermal heating infrared electric heating circle, do not produce harmonics, had no adverse effect on the grid. Visible, energy-saving rate is not the only reference standard comprehensive energy efficiency of electric heating circle, security is injection molding machine business in one of the important factor to make buying decisions. On the basis of energy-saving reform of the electric heating, combined with the current advanced servo control technology, injection molding machine performance will be on the actual meaning of big leap. Injection molding machine advocate credit, the pursuit of credibility, honesty. For customers, for partners, for the investor, with credit, credit and sincere respect, get support; For colleagues, for employees, for human resources, to honesty, responsibility, and performance of agglomeration energy, obtained approval. Advocate be honest, sincere, sincerity. Respect people, understand people, care about people, and silicone injection molding machine, rubber machine products such as the good faith management, yes.
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