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How to set up the speed of vertical injection molding machine injection molding processing, position, pressure

by:Hisson     2020-09-19
How to set up in the process of injection molding machine processing speed, position, pressure? Next by vertical injection molding machine manufacturer share under the content for you, hope to be of help. Injection molding processing and how to set up the speed, position, pressure? Generally is playing to the product of 90%, followed by pressure is required, so you need to do you know the measurement of the product under the premise of looking for a switch position, as far as speed is according to the product to determine the material, ABS material to low voltage at low speed, the nylon material to high speed and high pressure, all in all to consider how much liquid materials, product rib, when necessary, of course, it is better to die temperature machine to improve the die temperature, let the material in the cavity of the liquidity has improved. Simple little product first set a high speed and high pressure, use position switch, adjust position hit about 90% integrity of the product, pressure maintaining speed also with high speed, the holding pressure setting around half of the injection pressure or slightly higher, the holding time from 1 s to up, choose products single stable time of the holding time. Simple product of mould and equipment requirements is quite high. Normally on the basis of this, even adjusting the second or more paragraphs. If open mould without considering the deformation or exhaust do bad product, also need to adjust the die temperature, using a low speed, low pressure process, etc. Test is a debugging process, specific issue concrete analysis. Finally, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is pointed out that plastic injection processing according to the material, the mould structure, and practical problems to determine the Settings. Complex process is five sections walk right glue, a nozzle, 2 into the gate and three run products ten percent, the fourth paragraph runs ninety-five percent, the fifth section of the run. Pressure and velocity is matching. The actual process to changes according to the product problems.
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