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How to you usually maintain vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-12-19
We applied vertical injection molding machine for production at the same time, the maintenance of course also cannot little, the injection molding machine manufacturer with us to get to know about the vertical injection molding machine maintenance. First of all, a vertical injection molding machine, first check to see if the parts into the preparatory work, in the vertical injection molding machine is running, the first thing to preheat the temperature of the cylinder is good, try to improve the work efficiency of vertical injection molding machine. Second, vertical injection molding machine during the period of using, to ensure that the use of environment is clean, so that more conducive to the operation of the unit. In the process of vertical injection molding machine units running, also need to pay attention to avoid the metal into the cylinder, affect the quality of unit work, at this point, we can add some magnetic materials will be good adsorption impurities of iron. Finally, in the operation process of vertical plastic injection machine, we need to ensure that materials for injection molding can complete melting, but if a stain in the process of melting, will in time to check for rubber, and better operation of vertical injection molding machine units. For vertical injection molding machine maintenance of the unit step, of course, these are not the only vertical injection molding machine manufacturer in guangdong is introduced from several aspects, at the same time there are more aspects need our factory workers pay attention to the operation, content, to learn more about vertical injection molding machine: please enter a url.
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